Can Big Guys Wear Tank Tops?

Can big guys wear tank tops?

Can big guys wear a tank top and still look good?

Yes, chubby guys can wear tank tops! It’s not exclusive to some specific check-out-my-ripped-guns-protein-shakes-gym type of fanatic.

Great, now we can go to the nearest store and get ourselves the first tank top we see, right? Wait, not so fast.

Not all tank tops will work in your favor.

Don’t worry; the good news is that after reading this guide, no matter what kind of body shape you have – pear-shaped or beer belly – you’ll not only look awesome but also be rocking that beach party this summer with your new style.


3 Tank Top Styles for big guys

Look, I get it.

I am a chubby guy and you probably are too. Why would you still be sticking around on this site otherwise?

We both know the amount of energy and time it takes for us to find something that fits our shape as well make it comfortable to wear. It’s certainly not a cake walk.

Luckily, you don’t have to waste time your to do it, because I went the extra mile to find you the best tank top styles for you.

When you’re are out searching for the perfect tank top, all you need to do is to look for three type of styles.

Only three type of styles I can wear, you ask?

Yes, that’s correct, three.

These three will get you a long way, and it will be more than enough for you – there are so many variations, colors and fine printings to choose from anyway – avoid the rest, and I will tell you why throughout this guide.


1. The Muscle Tee

The first type is closer to a traditional tank top. No, I’m not talking about the ones Vin Diesel wears in his Fast & Furious movies.

These are called Wife Beaters. Don’t bother wearing them; it will just be a waste of your hard-earned money. Besides, those types are supposed to sit very tight to your body so you can expose toned muscles – no wonder many bodybuilders like them, am I right?

Not precisely for the rest of us that have love handles and defined one-pack.

The one you want to wear is the Muscle Tees, and it should be your everyday be-at-home piece of wear alongside your regular t-shirts. I personally love them since they’ve become part of my lazy-day-clothes to have.

They’re also great to wear for work in your garage or the garden type of thing.

Muscle tee for big men

Muscle Tee – Photo credit:

I do enjoy wearing muscle tees because of the comfortability. If they come with some nice printing, then it could easily be part of daily getting groceries from the store, do lawn mowing, and later catch up with my friends for casual dining.

If you’re getting these, make sure you check the material it comes in. If it’s made of cotton and has little polyester as possible – no more than 20% polyester, preferably nothing at all – you can be pretty safe it’ll look good on you.


2. Sleeveless jersey (basketball shirts)

I can highly recommend this type of tank tops. These will look damn good on you, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional basket player, a professional sports TV watcher or the guy that can’t care less about any sports.

Basketball Tanl Top for big guys

Sleeveless Jersey  – Photo Credit: Pinterest Havaianas Style

Sleeveless jerseys have become so popular so that there are tons of different variations and cool printings on them nowadays – no need to stick to boring team sports logos anymore.

Make sure you get the sporty material. You’ll know what I mean when you feel the material with your hands, and it feels a bit slippery – those are the ones you want.

The sporty material is typically made from blends of polypropylene, polyester and nylon.

sport material

Besides, they absorb sweat in such a way there will almost be no stains anywhere.

I keep talking about how good these are, and they honestly are. These shirts work well with your body shape and they’re amazingly comfy. The only drawback may be that your nipples can be seen sometimes.

These are indeed the ones you want to bring when you’re going to that beach party, or when you’re outside and want to feel good about yourself.


3. Sleeveless Shirts

Some may not consider them to be tank tops, but who cares. They’ll look awesome on you, and that is all that matters, right?

sleeveless tanktop

Sleeveless Shirts usually have outward tipped shoulders (right pic.)

I do understand if people get these confused with muscle tees since they look similar.

The main difference is the arms and shoulder area.

While muscle tees have more of an oval shape inwards for your arms, the sleeveless shirts are just straight, or slightly tipped outwards on the shoulder area.

Nevertheless, these generally come in a good variety of printings, colors and materials.

These might be something for the guy who wants that living-in-the-concrete-block type of style or maybe even works as the relaxed-life-in-a-small-town casual guy.

If you can find these in good printings, definitely go for it. Same rules apply here, go for cotton, avoid stretchy and thin polyester material.


Dark colors or Bright colors?

Darker color tends to make you look slimmer in compared to bright colors. Also, it is an excellent way to hide sweat stains for those who sweat a lot. I favor darker colors because it fits me well.

On the other hand, I think darker colors are uncreative and sometimes to “mainstream.”

Colorful clothes also have some upsides. Wearing brighter colors can improve your mood according to color therapy experts from Conscious Colors. So, you’ll be fine with brighter colors.

In the end, It’s more about how well the colors match together (shirt, pants, shoes, etc.) overall. You’ll be fine, ss long you don’t go too crazy with it.


5 things you must avoid

If I am to show you some pictures of casual tank tops, it won’t help you that much – despite if they seem to be good looking.

Because when it comes to clothes, the details matter.

If you don’t know what to look for, you’ll probably never understand why you have such a hard time finding well-fitting clothes – and I can tell you that it’s not because of that panda body of yours.

Have you thought about why there are similar t-shirts in your closet, one fits and looks slightly better on you, but the other one doesn’t?

Again, that is because details matter, and I will tell you exactly why it is so.


1. Don’t go for thin and stretch material made of only polyester

Avoid polyester stretch materials at all cost. I know that it sounds strange since stretch sure seems nice and comfortable. But trust me, in this situation, it will work against you.

The first issue with thin polyester is because it will take shape after the curvature of your body shape, especially at the boobs, belly and love handles area – it will always remind yourself of your body parts, every minute.

Secondly, if it’s too thin so it will become slightly see-through – showing your nipples, and certainly gives unwanted attention to the area.


To tight tank top for big guys

Admittedly, I have a few of these at home that I still use, which is fine. Nobody is probably watching what we wear at home anyways, right? But for the sake of going out in public – expecting to look like a decent human being – avoid polyester if you can.

Summery, always look for tank tops with cotton material, as close to 100% if you can.


2. Don’t let it sit too tight on your belly

Even if we have worked so hard to grow our beloved beer belly (or keg), or whatever you prefer to call it, it’s best to avoid wearing anything that is tight in that area altogether.

“Why you ask?” Imagine you will look like a tightly wrapped salami that is about to explode. Besides, it seems even worse when you’re sitting down – expanding and exposing your fat rolls, feeling all uncomfortable.

Also, don’t be that guy that wears a shirt that doesn’t cover your entire stomach – showing a bit of underbelly. If you have any shirts like that, do yourself a favor and get rid of it.

3. Don’t let it sit too tight on the chest area

The effect is almost the same as wearing too tight on the belly area. It will distract your co-workers or people when they’re talking to you.

Especially if the material is made of polyester, then your man boobs (and nipples) will be like a light show for the entire room.


4. Don’t go with a crew that is too deep

Look for styles that do not have to a deep crew. Reason for avoiding this is because having a shirt with a deep crew can make you look more feminine.

If you have a lot of chest hair that you’re not comfortable showing it, then the regular crew is the way to go with.

“But how deep is too deep to have?” Start measuring from where your neck begins and then look where your crew ends. If it’s more than 4 inches (10 cm) from where your neck starts to where the end of the crew, then it’s too much.

Right crew size is when it ends somewhere close to where your collarbone is.

For some of us with a broad or large neck and using a crew feels a bit tight at the neck, then I would recommend using V-neck. It looks better overall on bigger guys, especially if you’re short.

Thin straps with to deep crew

Should I go for Crew or V-neck?

In conclusion, it is more of a personal preference. I don’t recommend you wearing any collar that has a very deep V-necks or crew as earlier stated. Ultimately If you think it looks good with the style and it fits you, then go for it.

For tank tops, you don’t need to be on V-neck team only or vice versa, both will work fine.


5. It’s a strap!

If there is one thing to take away from this article, is too never wear or buy tank tops that have spaghetti straps. Anything with thin straps goes against every guideline written on this post.

Firstly, spaghetti straps are mostly favorable by these muscular bodybuilder type of men. They love to show their guns, so this is why they like wearing it so much.

But for us that have a squishier, horizontally expanded type of body, it does not look as good on us.

Now, imagine you’re wearing a tank top with thin spaghetti straps with a deep crew sitting on a park bench out in a park. You might not notice it, but your side boobs will be out there for everyone to see, and nobody likes that.

The best way is to try to minimize showing exposed skin of your upper chest to neck area too much. This way, you’ll appear more masculine.

A good general rule is that your area of inner shoulders to the collar should be covered.

Thin straps big guy tank top


Other good tips to consider

If you can, find tank tops that are slightly longer in the torso area. That way, it will not only make you look taller but also make you appear you’ve dropped a couple of pounds!

Don’t pick any size bigger than what you need, but don’t let it sit too tight so the stomach the only thing other people will see.

Avoid horizontal stripes at all cost. Keep it simple, one color with logos or prints if you like. Any colors do, but if you want to look a little bit thinner, then go for dark colors.

Wear with confidence and style

Finally, my biggest tip to give you is that whatever you wear, make sure to have fun and wear what you have with confidence.

If you can balance what with style and comfortability, you’ll feel more impressive and you will appear more confident for others.

tank top with style

Now, do you still believe that big guys can’t wear tank tops?

Where can you find good tank tops?

I will update this article shortly with the best places and stores for you to find good tank tops.

Why I haven’t done it yet is because I don’t want to recommend something that I woudln’t use myself and stand by. I want to make sure that you’ll get the most out of your hard earned money so you don’t have to deal with misleading, bad or overpriced products ever again.

In meanwhile, please share in the comments if you have any good tips to the rest of us.


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